Proxy Service Standards

In furtherance of the Launch Plan and Related Policies, ICM Registry (“Registry”) approves of the use of proxy and/or privacy services (“proxy service”) that strive, in good faith, to comply with the following:

The proxy service forwards all of the following communications directly to its consumer within one (1) business day of the proxy service’s receipt of such communications on behalf of the applicable consumer (including communications received by email, postal mail, or facsimile).

  • Communications in compliance with a legal process served upon the proxy service on behalf of an applicable consumer.

  • Communications required to be forwarded by law, governmental rules or requirements, governmental authorities or a court order.

  • Communications the proxy service believes in good faith is required by law to be forwarded to its consumer.

  • Communications in compliance with ICANN and/or Registry rules, policies or procedures.

  • Communications in compliance with ICANN's UDRP or any other Dispute Resolution Policy (including without limitation the Registry’s CEDRP and RES policies).

  • Communications related to the registrants alleged or actual violation or infringing registration or use of a third party's trademark, trade name or other legal rights.

  • Communications attempting to resolve any and all third party claims, whether threatened or made, arising out of registrant’s registration and/or use of a domain name in the .XXX TLD.

  • Communications from third parties related to the registrant’s attempt to use the proxy service to conceal involvement in any illegal, illicit, or harmful activities.

  • Communications related to the protection of the integrity and stability of the Registry.

  • Communications related to the Registry’s avoidance of any financial loss or legal liability (civil or criminal) on the part of the Registry, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, shareholders, agents, owners, officers, directors, employees and contractors.

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